Larry Hagman
Dallas (2012)
Character: J.R. Ewing
Director: Michael M. Robin
The story focuses on the offspring of bitter rivals and brothers JR and Bobby Ewing, who clash over the future of the Ewing dynasty while the fate of Southfork itself weighs in the balance.
Desperate Housewives (2011)
tv series guest appearance
Character: Frank Kaminsky
Director: Andrew Doerfer
Director: Lonny Price
Episode: Flashback
(aired: Feb. 13, 2011)
Lynette fights back when her mother, Stella, tries to force the Scavos to pose for a family portrait with her obnoxious new husband, Frank.

Episode: I'm Still Here
(aired: Jan. 16, 2011)
Lynette feels her mother, Stella, is marrying Frank - an abrasive and obnoxious man - for all the wrong reasons and tries to talk her out of it.
Das Traumschiff (2011)
tv series guest appearance
Character: Larry Hagman
Director: Stefan Bartmann
Episode: Indian Summer
(aired Jan. 1, 2010)
Somos cómplices (2009)
tv series guest appearance
Character: Richard Slater
Director: Ismael Morillo, Jacobo Rispa
Episode: #1.2
(aired Sept. 16, 2009)
Episode: #1.1
(aired: Sept. 15, 2009)
Nip/Tuck (2006)
tv series guest appearance
Character: Burt Landau
Director: Richard Levine
Director: Charles Haid
Director: Sean Jablonski
Director: Nelson McCormick
Director: Ryan Murphy
Episode: Lis Cruz
(aired: Oct. 31, 2006)
Episode: Burt Landau
(aired: Oct. 17, 2006)
Burt would ruin the practice after Christian refuses to keep 'doing' Michelle as visual entertainment, but Burt suffers a stroke during sex.
Episode: Faith Wolper, PhD
(aired: Oct. 10, 2006)
Burt Landau proposes an unusual solution upon learning that Christian and Michelle are having an affair.
Episode: Shari Noble
(aired: Sept. 26, 2006)
Christian gains leverage over Michelle by using Michelle's history with James, threatening to tell Burt.
Episode: Cindy Plumb
(aired: Sept. 5, 2006)
Burt Landau and his wife are the new owners of McNamara/Troy.

Dallas: War of the Ewings (1998)
tv movie
Character: J.R. Ewing
Director: Michael Preece


It has been two years since Bobby and Sue Ellen Ewing took over control of Ewing Oil. Although J.R. is successfully managing a large oil conglomerate, he wants to once again own his father's company. When he discovers that Ray Krebbs' land, which is heavily mortgaged, has undiscovered oil on it, he knows that if he plays his cards right, he can purchase the land and have enough money to regain control of Ewing Oil. But his business rival Carter McKay also has his eyes on Ray's property, and may soon join Bobby and Sue Ellen as an executive at Ewing Oil. Both parties hatch schemes in order to get what they want


The Third Twin (1997)
tv movie
Character: Berrington Jones
Director: Tom McLoughlin
Orleans (1997)
tv series
Character: Judge Luther Charbonnet
Dallas: J.R. Returns (1996)
tv movie
Character: J.R. Ewing
Director: Leonad Katzman
Years after J.R. Ewing lost Ewing Oil and apparently committed suicide, we learn that he is alive and well. He returns to Dallas, and plots what could be his greatest scheme: Bringing his family back together, and regaining control of Ewing Oil from arch-enemy Cliff Barnes. Will he be successful?
Staying Afloat (1993)
tv movie
Character: Alexander Hollingsworth III
Director: Eric Laneuville
Alexander Hollingsworth III is a millionaire's son, who has trouble managing his estate. So, his father decides to cut him off, so that might be able to stand on his own. But things are not going so well for him; he has amassed a great debt and is being pursued by the IRS. When an FBI agent, Ed Smith, needs to get into his inner circle so that he could get this devious millionaire who is into all sorts of criminal activities. He offers to help Alex with some of his financial problems and his problems with the IRS, in exchange for being a government informant.
Deadly Encounter (1982)
tv movie
Character: Sam
Director: William A. Graham
Sam takes on "the mob" in a race to find a hidden multi-million dollar fortune in...Deadly Encounter
Knots Landing (1980-1982)
tv series guest appearance
Character: J.R. Ewing
Director: Lorraine Senna
Director: Joseph B. Wallenstein
Director: Nicholas Sgarro
Director: Edward Perrone
Director: James Sheldon
Episode: New Beginnings
(aired Oct. 29, 1982)
Episode: Daniel
(aired Oct. 7, 1982)
Episode: Designs
(aired March 26, 1981)
Episode: A Family Matter
(aired Jan. 22, 1981)
Episode: Community Spirit
(aired Jan. 3, 1980)
Police Story (1979)
tv series guest appearance
Character: Dwight Sheperd
Director: Bob Kelljan
Episode: A Cry for Justice
Police detectives investigate the shotgun shooting of a police officer.
(aired: May 23, 1979)
Sword of Justice (1978)
tv series guest appearance
Character: Doyle Rettig
Director: Daniel Haller
Episode: A Double Life
A playboy framed for a crime that resulted in the death of his parents is sent to prison where he learns a variety of criminal skills. Upon his release, he is determined to exact revenge on the men who framed him.
(aired: Sept. 10, 1978)
The President's Mistress (1978)
tv movie
Character: Ed Murphy
Director: John Llewellyn Moxey
A Double Life (1978)
tv movie
Character: Doyle Rettig
Director: Daniel Haller
Dack Rambo plays millionaire playboy Jack Cole, who, after the death of his parents, is framed on charges of embezzlement. In prison, Cole learns various tricks of the criminal trade - lockpicking, safecracking, electronic surveillance, etc. Upon his release, Cole uses his wealth and his newly learned talents to help others, leaving his calling card, a "sword of justice", at the scene.
Dallas (1978-1991)
tv series
Character: J.R. Ewing
What Really Happened to the Class of '65? ((1977)
tv series guest appearance
Character: Gene
Director: Edward Parone
Episode: The Girl Nobody Knew
(aired: Dec. 29, 1977)
The Rockford Files (1977)
tv series guest appearance
Richard Lessing / Paul T. Grisham
Director: Alexander Singer
Episode: Forced Retirement
Jim gets a whiff of corporate corruption when Beth asks him to check up on a client's associates.
(aired: Dec. 9, 1977)
Intimate Strangers (1977)
tv movie
Character: Mort Burns
Director: John Llewellyn Moxey
The pressures of problems at home and at work are taking a tremendous toll on a middle-aged husband, and he begins to take it out on his wife.
McMillan & Wife (1977)
tv series guest appearance
Character: Dr. Wesley Corman
Director: Jackie Cooper
Episode: Affair of the Heart
To fend off a nagging Assistant District Attorney, Mac invites her to his weekly poker game. Among the other participants is Mac's dentist, who consoles Mac for biting himself while his mouth was numb from recent work on a tooth. When the dentist leaves the poker game and goes home, he finds a local TV-news anchor dead on his couch, apparently from a heart attack. The dentist's wife (who was the TV news anchor's lover) and her father (the dentist's boss) are frantic, so the dentist loads the dead man into his own car and drives it to a culvert, crashing it so it looks like the news anchor had a heart attack while driving. But it wasn't a heart attack ... the man was poisoned by digitalis, which caused his heart to race out of control and conk out. Who gave him the digitalis, why ... and how?
(aired: March 20, 1977)
The Rhinemann Exchange (1977)
tv minieseries
Character: Col. Edmund Pace
Director: Burt Kennedy
During World War II, an intelligence officer is dispatched by the U.S. government to arrange an exchange in Argentina of industrial diamonds needed by the Germans for a secret gyroscope needed by the Allies.
The Return of the World's Greatest Detective (1976)
tv movie
Character: Sherman Holmes
Director: Dean Hargrove
A Los Angeles cop falls off his motorcycle, strikes his head and wakes up believing himself to be Sherlock Holmes. Along with the social worker who is treating him, he sets out to solve the murder of an embezzler.
Barnaby Jones (1975)
tv series guest appearance
Character: Dr. Frank Rickers
Director: Walter Grauman
Episode: Fatal Witness
(aired: Nov. 14, 1975)
The Streets of San Francisco (1975)
tv series guest appearance
Character: Terry Vine
Director: Virgil W.Vogel
Episode: Dead Air
The murder of a pregnant girl leads Stone and Keller to arrogant radio host Terry Vine, who has a large female fanbase. The dead girl claimed to be pregnant with Vine's baby, giving him a motive for murder, and after her blackmailing roommate also turns up dead, Keller is convinced Vine is the killer.
(aired: Nov. 13, 1975)
Ellery Queen (1975)
tv series guest appearance
Character: Paul Gardner
Director: James Sheldon
Episode: The Adventure of the Mad Tea Party
A fun-loving theatrical producer, who dresses as the Mad Hatter, invites Ellery up to his mansion for a weekend of working out how to adapt one of Ellery's works for the stage. But the producer disappears shortly thereafter and is presumed murdered. Over the rest of the hour, a series of clues are delivered by pranksters' means. The idea is to try to get the killer to implicate himself or herself.
(aired: Oct. 30, 1975)
Three for the Road (1975)
tv series guest appearance
Character: Gordo Thurgate
Episode: Ride on a Red Balloon
(aired: Oct. 5, 1975)
Harry O (1975)
tv series guest appearance
Character: Bernie Roth
Director: Harry Falk
Episode: One for the Road
Following a high-society dinner, a young woman is run down and left for dead on a lonely highway. High profile attorney and alcoholic, Jennifer Roth, leaves the dinner intoxicated and can't remember driving home. When she learns about the hit-and-run victim the next morning, she hires Harry to find out if she was the driver, and he discovers that her car was used to run down the girl. Orwell investigates a number of other suspects who also left the same dinner, and uncovers an eye-witness to the accident who then disappears before he can identify the driver. Harry is shot at in his own home when it appears he is getting too close to discovering the identity of the hit-and-run driver.
(aired: Sept. 18, 1975)
Doctors Hospital (1975)
tv series guest appearance
Director: Vincent Sherman
Episode: Come at Last to Love
(aired: Sept. 17, 1975)
Marcus Welby, M.D. (1975)
tv series guest appearance
Episode: Loser in a Dead Heat
(aired: March 11, 1975)
McCoy (1975)
tv series guest appearance
Character: Darnell
Director: Richard Quine
Episode: The Big Rip-off
(aired: March 11, 1975)
Sarah T. - Portrait of a Teenage Alcohlic (1975)
tv movie
Character: Jerry Travis
Director: Richard Donner
This movie is a teaching tool about a teenage girl struggling with alcoholism to cope with her feelings of insecurity and usual problems of adolescence.  
Lucas Tanner (1975)
tv series guest apperance
Character: Officer Morgan
Director: Allen Baron
Episode: Pay the Two Dollars
(aired: Jan. 15, 1975)
Police Story
tv series
Character: Alan R. Richardson
Glamour Boy
(aired: Oct. 29, 1974)
McCloud (1974)
tv series guest appearance
Character: Larry Harris
Director: Bruce Kessler
Episode: The Gang That Stole Manhattan|A film producer steals an idea about making a movie about a diamond-store robbery to cover the real-life robbery of said store, and kills the original screenwriter to boot.
(aired: Oct. 13, 1974)
Police Woman (1974)
tv series guest appearance
Character: Tony Bonner
Director: Richard Benedict
Episode: Seven Eleven
Pepper goes undercover and impersonates an airline stewardess who is a link in a complex heroin smuggling chain.
(aired: Oct. 4, 1974)
Hurricane (1974)
tv movie
Character: Paul Damon
Director: Jerry Jameson
Two hurricane hunters track a huge, violent hurricane that is bearing down on a Gulf Coast town.
Sidekicks (1974)
tv movie
Character: Quince Drew
Director: Burt Kennedy
Traveling through the West right after the Civil War, two con men hatch a scheme to try to collect the $15,000 bounty offered for the capture of an outlaw.
Love Story (1973)
tv series guest appearance
Character: Dick Madison
Episode: The Youngest Lover
(aired: Dec. 19, 1973)
What Are Best Friends For? (1973)
tv movie
Character: Frank Ross
Director: Jay Sandrich
A married couple is determined to find a girl for their recently divorced best friend.
Blood Sport (1973)
tv movie
Character: Coach Marshall
Director: Jerrold Freedman
A high school athlete is torn between his father, who wants him to get a football scholarship, and his coach, who wants a winning season.
The Alpha Caper (1973)
tv movie
Character: Tudor
Director: Robert Michael Lewis

A parole officer forced into retirement gets together three ex-convicts to pull of a $30-million armored car robbery.

The Toy Game (1973)
tv movie
Character: Major
Here We Go Again
tv series
Character: Richard Evens
Directors: Marc Daniels, Theodore J. Flicker, Jerry London, Russ Mayberry, Bill Persky, Alan Rafkin, Oscar Rudolph, Jay Sandrich, Mel Stuart

Episode: After the Wedding Bells
(aired: Jan. 20, 1973)
Episode: My Sisters's Keeper
(aired: Jan. 27, 1973)
Episode: When You're Second YouTry Harder
(aired: Feb. 3, 1973)
Episode: The Basketball Tickets
(aired: Feb. 10, 1973)
Episode: Sunday, Soggy Sunday
(aired: Feb. 17, 1973)
Episode: I Can't Live Without Her
(aired: Feb. 24, 1973)
Episode: A Date With Judy
(aired: March 3, 1973)
Episode: The Tax Man Cometh
(aired: March 17, 1973)
Episode: The Times They Are A-Changing
(aired: March 24, 1973)
Episode: There's A Boy in My Rumaki
(aired: March 31, 1973)
Episode: Politics Make Strange Bedfellows
(aired: April 7, 1973)
Episode: It's Magic?
(aired: April 14, 1973
Episode: Class of '77
(aired: April 21, 1973)

Applause (1973)
tv movie
Character: Bill Sampson
Directors: Ron Field, Bill Foster
An aspiring actress, whose sugar-coated appearance belies her ruthless drive, worms herself into the life of an aging star and schemes to replace her on the stage as the star of a new play
Medical Center (1973)
tv series guest appearance
Character: Glenn Dorsey
Director: Murray Golden
Episode: Between 2 Fires
(aired Jan, 24, 1973)
No Place to Run (1972)
tv movie
Character: Jay Fox
Director: Delbert Man
An adopted boy's parents are killed, and to keep him from returning to the state's custody, he and his grandfather run away.
Getting Away From it All (1972)
tv movie
Character: Fred Clark
Director: Lee Philips
Two city couples decide to leave the hectic urban life and retreat to the country, but find that rural living isn't quite what they thought it would be.
The Good Life (1971)
tv series
Character: Albert Miller
Director: Larry Hagman (episodes: Dial 'M' for Merger, The Commodore Cometh


A Howling in the Woods (1971)
tv movie
Character: Eddie Crocker
Director: Daniel Petrie
A disillusioned housewife on a vacation in the woods is disturbed by her husband continually trying to get her to come home and, more ominously, a mysterious howling at night.
Vanished (1971)
tv movie
Character: Jerry Freytag
Director: Buzz Kulik
Government agencies investigate the mysterious disappearance of a powerful presidential adviser.
The Name of the Game (1971)
tv series guest appearance
Character: Dean Chasen
Director: Marvin J. Chomsky
Episode: A Capitol Affair
(aired: Feb. 12, 1971)
Dan August (1971)
tv series guest appearance
Character: Art Lewis
Director: Ralph Senensky
Episode: The Law
(aired: Feb. 4, 1971)
Rod Sterling's Night Gallery (1970)
tv series guest appearance
Character: Cedric Acton
Director: Douglas Heyes, John Meredyth Lucas
Episode: The Dead Man/The Housekeeper
(aired: Dec. 16, 1970)
Marcus Welby, M.D. (1970)
tv series tuest appearance
Director: Daniel Petrie
Episode: To Get Through the Night
(aired: Oct. 20, 1970)
Love American Style (1970)
tv series guest appearance
Character: Harry Fishberg
Episode Segment: Love and the Psychiatrist
(aired: Oct. 9, 1970)
Three's A Crowd (1969)
tv movie
Character: Jim Carson
Director: Harry Falk
An airline pilot tries to balance two wives he has in two separate cities.
The Rogues (1965)
tv series guest appearance
Character: Mark Fleming
Episode: Mr. White's Christmas
(aired: April 4, 1965)
I Dream of Jeannie (1965-1970)
tv series
Character: Anthony 'Tony' Nelson
Mr. Broadway (1964)
tv series guest appearance
Character: Luke
Director: Herschel Daugherty
Episode: Between the Rats and the Finks
(aired: Oct. 17, 1964)
The Dupont Show of the Week (1964)
tv series guest appearance
Character: Elias
Director: Franklin J. Schaffner
Episode: Ambassador at Large
(aired: Aug. 30, 1964)
The Defenders (1964)
tv series guest appearance
Character: Jim Lewton
Director: Charles S. Dubin
Episode: The Last Day
(aired: Jan. 11, 1964)
The Dupont Show of the Week (1963)
tv series guest appearance
Character: Elias
Episode: The Takers
(aired: Oct. 13, 1963)
The Defenders (1963)
tv series guest appearance
Character: Edmund Lockwood
Director: Stuart Rosenberg
Episode: The Noose
(aired: April 27, 1963)
The Silver Burro (1963)
tv movie
Play of the Week (1960)
Episode: Two by Saroyan: 'Once Around the Block' and 'My Heart's in the Highlands'
(aired: Nov. 7, 1960)
Diagnosis: Unknown (1960)
tv series guest appearance
Character: Don Harding
Episode: The Case of the Radiant Wine
(aired: July 5, 1960)
The Edge of Night (1961-1963)
tv series guest appearance
Character: Ed Gibson & Johnny Collins
Unknown episodes
(aired: 1961-1963)
The United States Steel Hour (1959)
tv series guest appearance
Episode: Climate of Marriage
(aired: July 30, 1958)
Sea Hunt (1958)
tv series guest appearance
Character: Elliot Conway
Director: Leon Benson
Episode: The Hero
To fund research for an "ocean plants into food products" project, Nelson agrees to travel to Puerto Blanco/South America. There he teaches skin diving to a thrill seeking millionaire hunter and his wife. The boorish hunter wants to kill a large shark and a giant squid for his trophy case. An accident quickly matures the man.
(aired: July 5, 1958)
Sea Hunt (1958)
tv series guest appearance
Character: Alex Kouras
Director: Leon Benson
Episode: Legend of the Mermaid
Mike investigates the legend of a mermaid located in an underwater cave off the west coast of Florida.
(aired: June 14, 1958)
Sea Hunt (1958)
tv series guest appearance
Character: Johnny Greco
Director: Leon Benson
Episode: The Sponge Divers
Mike comes to the aid of a young diver - in more ways than one.
(aired: May 10, 1958)
The Dupont Show of the Month
tv series guest appearance
Character: Jarvis
Director: Robert Mulligan
Episode: The Member of the Wedding
(aired: June 12, 1958)
Harbormaster (1958)
tv series guest appearanace
Episode: The Captain's Gun
(aired: May 11, 1958)
Kraft Theatre
tv series guest appearance
Director: Paul Stanley
Episode: The Outcasts of Poke Flat
(aired: May 7, 1958)
Search for Tomorrow (1957)
tv series guest appearance
Character: Curt Williams
unknown episodes
(aired: 1957)
Studio One in Hollywood (1957)
tv series guest appearance
Director: Louis G. Cowan
Episode: First Prize for Murder
(aired: Sept. 16, 1957)
Goodyear Playhouse (1957)
tv series guest appearance
Episode: Backwoods Cinderella
(aired: July 14, 1957)
Decoy (1957)
tv series guest appearance
Character: Kenneth Davidson
Director: Stuart Rosenberg
Episode: Saturday Lost
During a murder investigation, Casey arrests a drug-addicted young woman who has lost her memory after an all-night pot party.
(aired: 1957)